Orthodontists in Louisville

Orthodontists in Louisville Provides Tailored Treatments

With clinics all over Louisville, American Family Orthodontics helps patients achieve the smile they deserve. Led by Dr. Michelle Brammer and Dr. Kristen George, both respected orthodontists in Louisville, KY, American Family Orthodontics provide a range of treatments for patients of all ages.

Tailored Treatment

Our orthodontists understand that each patient has different needs. They provide early treatment for children and adolescents with malocclusions and other related orthodontic issues. They also offer braces for adults with ideal tooth alignment solutions.

Technologically-Enhanced Solutions

Utilizing the latest technology, American Family Orthodontics is able to provide patients with clear ceramic braces and Invisalign. Unlike traditional metal braces, these solutions provide unique cosmetic appeal as they don’t use visible brackets or metal wires.

Experienced Orthodontists

Both Dr. Brammer and Dr. George have years of experience practicing orthodontics in Louisville Together, with their staff, Dr. Brammer and Dr. George are dedicated to helping patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Locations across Louisville

Patients in Louisville do not need to travel far to receive treatment from American Family Orthodontics. Dr. Brammer leads the team in Springhurst and Fern Creek, while Dr. George is available at the Dixie Highway and Middletown branches. We also have a location in New Albany, IN.